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“If I asked you to name a high-tech industry, would you say “trucking?” While your first thoughts might jump to a business such as software engineering, the truth is that the industry you work in is on the cutting edge of new technology.

In fact, most trucks on the road today have at least four computers on board—in the transmission module, the cab, the brake module and in the engine—and our company is on the forefront of making sure our customers get the most out of that equipment.

Whether it’s writing up a service job, sending a part to a customer or programming a vehicle controller, Navistar has been miles ahead in customer service for years—providing more benefits to customers than any other original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Part of what puts us ahead of the competition these days is our package of high-tech customer service solutions.

Read on to find out how tools like these work together to meet customers’ needs in ways no one else has thought of before.

Simply typing a vehicle’s identification number (VIN) into our International Service Information System (ISIS), gives technicians instant access to a world of information about that specific truck—including original service manuals, updated bulletins from Navistar, operator’s manuals, warranty coverage and more.

“Because this information is just a click away, technicians can pinpoint maintenance problems faster—minimizing downtime,” said BRIAN MULSHINE, manager, Service Development and Marketing. The benchmark of the service industry—not just the truck industry— for its ease of use and vast capabilities, ISIS is filled with features that enhance the critical communication between our customers and dealers, including the ability to add notes and attachments to specific VINs.

“A body builder can attach a PDF of their operating manual and service information for the equipment that rests on our chassis,” Brian said. “Or a fleet customer can attach their service forms, eliminating the need to fax them when they bring their vehicle in for service.” ISIS is also role-based, featuring a navigation menu that tailors itself specifically to the user, providing a different environment for warranty managers, service advisors, supervisors and several other positions.

An extensive database of customer-specific vehicle information, iKNow (International Knowledge Now) uses a Google-powered search engine to provide customers with a quick answer to technical questions—without the need to call a customer service hotline. “Say a customer is experiencing erratic shifting,” Brian said. “They can pop that symptom into iKNow and view VIN-specific solutions with full-color pictures and step-by-step instructions, within seconds.